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About Me


Thank you for visiting my private practice website. I am a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist specializing in anxiety, ADHD, depression, OCD, PTSD, and tics.

As a Bay Area native, I experienced firsthand the challenges of growing up here. Throughout my school experiences in the Bay Area, I saw how immense stress negatively affected me, my friends, and my classmates. In medical school, I was delighted to learn that I can be a doctor who specializes in mental health. I eagerly chose Psychiatry and subspecialized in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I established my practice in the Bay Area because I couldn't think of a greater honor than serving the community I grew up in. I find it deeply impactful to help children, adolescents, and young professionals reach their full potential.

In my private practice, I care for each patient in the same way I want my family to be cared for. I respect each patient as a person with strengths instead of a collection of symptoms. I give ample time to hear each patient's unique story. To provide personalized care, I review past records, collaborate with therapists/psychologists, consult with specialists, work with parents, speak with teachers, attend school meetings, and advocate for school/work accommodations.

While I am skilled in prescribing medications, I use them judiciously. I strongly recommend therapy as an integral part of treatment. As a general rule, I emphasize lifestyle modifications like eating healthfully, exercising regularly, sleeping adequately, and keeping good company.


I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Kevin Luo, MD

Credentials & Affiliations

Board Certification in General Psychiatry
Certificate: 79485
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Board Certification in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Certificate: 12488
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Medical Board of California.jpg

Physician's & Surgeon's License
License: A-159024
Medical Board of California

Therapy Den.jpg

Education & Training

Cal Football

UC Berkeley
 B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology

I did basic science research in neuroscience and tutored students in underserved high schools. I graduated with Highest Distinctions (summa cum laude) and Phi Beta Kappa. In my spare time, I explored SF.

La Jolla

UC San Diego

 M.D. Medicine

I served as the presidents of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA). In my spare time, I snorkeled and learned to surf.

Image by Charlie Ngov

UC San Diego Health

 Residency in General Psychiatry

I received an endowed prize from the Department of Psychiatry recognizing the exceptional care I provided to my patients. In my spare time, I explored the outdoors and trekked through Patagonia.

Image by Jason Leung

Stanford University

 Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

I treated pediatric mental health conditions in various clinics, hospitals, and Palo Alto schools. In my spare time, I camped in the redwoods and rode an electric bike.

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